Perfect Alpine Installation in Your Volkswagen T5

X801D-U Installation Kit for Volkswagen T5 Facelift (7 H/E/J) - KIT-801T5

This 8-inch installation kit for the Volkswagen T5 is specifically designed to overcome the challenge of the extreme flat angle of the T5 dashboard. This kit comes with all required installation parts such as wiring harness, CAN bus interface, installation brackets, antenna adapter and trim panel. We even include a visor that can be easily clipped onto the trim plate to shield the Alpine display from sunlight glare, which is a common problem of the T5 due to the flat dashboard angle. The KIT-801T5 is compatible with Volkswagen T5 (7H/E/J) model year 09/2009 – 06/2015 and the Alpine X801D-U.

Features & Specifications
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