Navigation Module - NVE-M300P

Small and Smart

The compact NVE-M300P navigation system integrates seamlessly with Alpine’s Digital Media Stations, Mobile Media Stations and On-dash Monitors. It’s the perfect match for your Alpine monitor head unit, giving you touch screen control of convenient navigation features right from the display.

Alpine also offers the RUE-M300 and lets you connect the NVE-M300P to any legacy Alpine monitor with navigation input that is not touch screen enabled and fully control it.

The NVE-M300P navigation module provides a variety of update possiblities. Get started with coverage of 43 Western and Eastern European countries, then expand your map content via the internet as required. You can also keep your coverage up to date with map updates.

When you buy a brand new NVE-M300P device, there’s a chance that a newer map has been released since your device was manufactured.

We want to ensure that you start driving with the latest map. So if a newer version of your map is available within 30 days of first using your device, you can download this map for free using! Note that in order to qualify for the latest map guarantee you need to check if a new map is available within the 30 day period, and you are only entitled to one free map download.

Note that in order to qualify for the latest map guarantee the 30 days are counted after the 1st GPS fix from the navigation device.

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