Avoid unnecessary complicated and dangerous situations with your truck, mobile home or campervan due to vehicle specific restrictions and limitations!

Trucking Software for INE-W92xR series, INE-W977BT - TRUCK-G500

TRUCK-G500: Professional Navigation solution for trucks (heavy goods vehicles), mobile homes and caravans. TRUCK-G500 works with the 2DIN Navigation Systems INE-W920R / INE-W925R / INE-W928R/ INE-W977BT.


In case the 30 days free of charge Map Update has been downloaded at and installed on the standard INE-W920R / INE-W925R / INE-W928R / INE-W977BT devices before installing the TRUCK-G500 product, it will not be offered anymore.

Alternatively, Map Updates for TRUCK-G500 can be purchased.

( !!! )Make sure to use a different (Micro) SD card for the Map Updates NOT using the TRUCK-G500 (Micro) SD card.

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