Voltage Stabiliser for Cars with Idle Stop Feature

Idle Stop Power Booster - KPX-100B

This product detects the battery voltage of a vehicle and will buffer the output voltage at 12VDC when sudden drops in the input voltage are detected. Such drops usually happen when the engine of a car is cranked up or re-started in case of cars with idle stop (start-stop) function.

The KPX-100B can buffer one CD- Tuner or Mobile Media Station or a similar product + a steering wheel remote control  interface.

The KPX-100B is equipped with a DC/DC converter which is controlled by a microprocessor which is watching the input voltage. In standby mode current will bypass the DC/DC converter. When activated by a sudden voltage drop, the DC/DC converter will kick in and stabilize the output voltage to 12 VDC

Features & Specifications
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