Massive Processing Power for Unmatched Quality

System Integration Audio Processor - PXA-H800

The PXA-H800’s extensive array of audio processing capabilities will maximise the sound of any system, whether it’s an all-Alpine system or one with various brands.

Professional Sound Quality

The PXA-H800 provides all the audio processing functions necessary to enable the system to reach the highest levels of sound quality.

Ultimate Mobile Media Experience

With the PXA-H800, you can enjoy a true 5.1-channel surround sound experience just like you get from your home cinema system.

Factory System Upgrading

For those who want to retain their factory head unit, the PXA-H800 is a great way to upgrade the system with more sources and better sound quality.

Additional Sound Tuning Capabilities

Demonstrating its unmatched commitment to mobile sonic excellence, Alpine packed even more technologies into the PXA-H800, including the ability to fully tune the sound on a PC.

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