Please note: This Software is only usable for European products!


Software Update ONLY for CDE-131R

Steering Wheel Remote Control Solution (SWRC)

Early production units of the CDE-131R may not work properly with some steering wheel remote interfaces.

The tolerance for the SWRC port was improved which leads to a situation that certain Steering Wheel Remote Control Interfaces won't work as expected.


To correct this issue, there can be a software update applied.
Units which have the letter 'A' applied to the serial number are already fixed from factory side.

Please note, that this software is only compatible with the CDE-131R! Installation on other models will cause unrecoverable errors.
Make sure, that the software update is applied properly, you do it at your own risk!


Download the Firmware Update – 08.02.2012 (.zip file, 221 kb)


Download the instructions here:

The following video clip shows the update procedure: