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Map Update

1. Getting ready for the Map Update

Important information:

the internal flash memory of your Alpine unit has reached the limits for new map updates and therefore it requires a relocation of the whole navigation function from internal flash memory to an external 16 GB (minimum) SD card. We have created a tool, called "G500_SD-card_Tool", which needs to be executed in order to migrate the whole navigation data from the flash memory to the SD card.

TRUCK-G500 needs to be replaced with TRUCK-G500C

If you use your Alpine unit together with the TRUCK-G500 software and you want a map update, you need to purchase the TRUCK-G500C. The TRUCK-G500C includes the 2017/Q4 map data and the neccessary navigation software to solve the internal flash memory problem. TRUCK-G500C is ready for future map updates, therefore do not install the "G500_SD_card_Tool" software. The (Micro) SD-card MUST remain in the Alpine unit. Remove the (Micro) SD-card only for buying new map updates by following the map update instructions.

Requirements and limitations:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Micro SD card with minimum 16 GB recommended  (INE-W920R / INE-W925R)
  • SD card with minimum 16 GB recommended (INE-W928R / INE-W977BT)
  • exFAT formated

Download the instructions here:


G500_SD-card_Tool.7z (28 MB) 04.04.2018

2. Map Update

Download the instructions here: