United Kingdom

Pimp your Navi

POIbase is the free supplementary software and app for personal computers and navigation systems. After a simple installation, POIs, or "Points of Interest" will be transferred to all major appliances. With few clicks POIbase can be used in Alpine navigation systems. 


With POIbase the user has also access to the largest free POI database in Europe, which can be put together according to the users needs. The online POI database from about 500.000 POIs in over 100 categories opens up new possibilities for life on the road: 


With the clear Alpine menu navigation POIbase users can find the POIs to the unit, they really need - such as frequent sources of danger, automatic cash machines, the most beautiful RV park, the nearest restaurant or gas station or the nearest car and mobile and fixed safety cameras in the direction of travel.


More information can be found at www.poibase.com.