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Alpine has consistently developed innovative, top-quality car audio devices for vehicle manufacturers and the consumer market around the world. Alpine prides itself to fully satisfy those who are eager to customise their car interiors with the latest, high-quality components and has established its position as a global brand of high-end car audio systems. Alpine has also developed a diverse range of car AV products and navigation systems that provide exciting in-car audio/video experiences, as well as make driving more comfortable and safe.

From our Coventry office based centrally in the UK, Alpine have engineered and supplied a vast range of products including displays, speakers, amplifiers, audio and navigation systems, and rear seat entertainment packages to the UK's leading vehicle manufacturers.  Our ISO approved test facilities have helped us work with our customers to solve vehicle based or component level issues with our experienced local engineering support.

Alpine is now proud to offer use of our test and evaluation centre to OEM manufacturers for radiated emissions and conducted emissions EMC testing. Our EMC chamber is available to hire on a daily basis. Alternatively we offer a drop off and test service, where our engineers will test your vehicle or component and provide you with a report. Please see below for details of our ISO17025 accredited EMC chamber:

Facilities Specification

  • Bench Test
  • Full Vehicle Test (2 Car Chamber) with Exhaust Extraction
  • Working space - H6000 W6030 D9070mm
  • Door Access - W5000 H4000mm


  • Radiated Emissions     30 Hz - 7 GHz
  • Conducted Emissions     10 kHz - 1 GHz


  • Conducted Immunity     1 MHz- 400 MHz
  • Radiated Immunity     400 MHz - 1 GHz