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DVD GPS Car Navigation System

The most accurate and comprehensive road guidance available.

For those who demand the best, the high-end NVE-N099P DVD navigation system is the most powerful road guidance we’ve ever made. Featuring advanced functions, superior performance and easy operation, it gets you where you want to go, on time and in style – and provides wide TMC realtime traffic coverage as well as voice guidance in twelve languages.

Throw away your road maps and clean out your glove compartment. Here’s the best car navigation system we’ve ever developed. Featuring a new high-speed 64-bit processor and data bus for ultra-fast response and  smooth position indication, this unit is also compatible with all our wide-screen monitors – including the new Touch Control features.
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Product information

Touch Control Ready

Touch Control ReadyCar navigation has never been so simple to use – or so much fun. Compatible with our new Touch Screen control monitors, the NVE-N099P can be controlled by pressing the virtual buttons on the screen. Thanks to the advanced technology and new CPU, response is lightning-fast. No need to search for panel controls, no need to even use the remote. Just touch the display, and the settings instantly change. Convenient, ultrafast, intuitive – this is what navigation was meant to be.

Features & Specifications
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Map Coverage (A, B, DK, F, D, IRL*2, I*1, L, N*1, P*2, E*2, S*1, CH, NL, GB, AND, FL, MC, RSM, CZ*2, V, H*2, FIN*1, SK*2 and PL*2)
  • High Quality Voice Guidance in 12 Languages (German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak)
  • High Speed CPU
  • Compatible with PulseTouch™ Display and Touch Screen Monitor / Built-In TMC Tuner
  • Advanced TMC Functions
  • Large TMC Area Coverage *3
  • TMC Event List –/ TMC Event Voice
  • 3D Motorway Junction Guidance*4
  • 3D Motorway Junction Guidance*4
3D View
3D View Smart City Map
Smart City Map  Intersection Lane Guidance
Intersection Lane Guidance  3D Motorway Junction Guidance
3D Motorway Junction Guidance *1 Some small streets may not be included.
*2 Partial coverage.
*3 D,GB,F,I,CH,A,B,NL,E,DK, and S
*4 D,GB,B,NL,L,I,F,A,I,E,and P
*5 V-Trafic information in France provided by Mediamobile company
*6 Traffic information in the UK provided by RAC Trafficmaster Telematics Ltd.
*7 TMC PRO and traffic are registered trademarks of T-Mobile Traffic GmbH.
*8 19 cities.