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Firmware Update

This firmware update is specifically intended for users with the Alpine CDE-193BT / CDE-195BT / CDE-196DAB / CDE-W296BT / UTE-92BT / UTE-93DAB.

One firmware update per unit. If you are not sure if you need this update, please contact your dealer.


  • Voice Dial function is improved with latest mobile phones
  • Performance update

Download the instructions here:


Software Update ONLY for CDE-193BT

Please Note: The update procedure for Version M_0B8C0C11 is the same as for Version M_31F90C1

download_arrow.jpg16MY_CD_R_0B8C.zip – 23.02.2018


Software Update ONLY for CDE-195BT

download_arrow.jpg15MY_1DINHU_R_3A94.zip – 21.11.2016


Software Update ONLY for CDE-196DAB

download_arrow.jpg16MY_DAB_R_EA65.zip – 21.11.2016


Software Update ONLY for CDE-W296BT

download_arrow.jpg15MY_2DINHU_R_3A94.zip – 21.11.2016


Software Update ONLY for UTE-92BT

download_arrow.jpg16MY_MLESS_R_31F9.zip – 21.11.2016


Software Update ONLY for UTE-93DAB