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Firmware Update 1.400 for ICS-X8

This firmware update is specifically intended for users with the Alpine ICS-X8 App Link Station. One firmware update per unit. If you are not sure if you need this update, please contact your dealer.




Please also update your Nokia phone with the latest versions of NOKIA Car Mode with MirrorLink.

Nokia MirrorLink for Symbian: ver.2.00(6030)
Nokia Car Mode for Symbian: ver.2.00(4)


Download Firmware Update

1. Firmware Update Contents

  • Activates NOKIA MirrorMode (full control mode)
  • Enables NOKIA Call
  • Compatibility for NOKIA Drive with MeeGo (Nokia N9)
  • Compatibility for Android based phones with MirrorLink capability
  • Updates app icon design on ICS-X8
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

ICS-X8 Advanced BETA Firmware Update Version 1.400 Content:

  • iPod music playback via USB connection with iPhone 5
  • Phone Book download improvement ( iPhone 5 )
  • AppMode support, App switch is added
  • Aha application can be operated from X8
  • Aux Camera can be used now (composite signal, RCA)
  • 2nd incoming call (call waiting function)


2. How to update your ICS-X8

Please download and read the detailed instruction manual PDF below!

Please also refer to our video "Update ICS-X8 to Software Version 1.200".

Please Note:

  • The update procedure for Version 1.400 is the same as for previous update versions, like Version 1.201/1.200.
  • Pictures and movies might show older Firmware Versions. Your ICS-X8 unit must show the actual updated version in the Setup Menu.

Download the instructions here:

The following video clip shows the update procedure:



1) Unzip the downloaded update file “RAAG005A” to a freshly formatted USB memory.

2) Connect USB memory to a USB connector of the ICS-X8.

3) Press “OK” button when update message appears on the screen.


During the update, a progress bar will appear. It will take around 10 minutes.

4) When the software update is finished, the ICS-X8 will restart automatically.


5) Turn off the vehicle's ignition, remove the USB memory and turn the ignition back on to finalize the software update. Confirm the software version number displayed as “1.400” in the SETUP menu of the ICS-X8.