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Service Pack 2

The INE-S900R Service Pack 2 offers feature upgrades and requires the respective update of the operation system. Please note that this product is only compatible with ALPINE INE-S900R units that show the Alpine logo on the front side of the unit and / or display the below image on the startup screen.



Service Pack 2 includes the previous Service Pack 1 upgrade.

This update includes the following improvements:

  • USB video playback (DivX, ASF)
  • Video playback on side screen
  • USB audio file management - tree structure on audio search list
  • SCDB with directional data encryption*
  • Graphic User Interface change for postcode search
  • DVD mechanism firmware update
  • Navigation application software improvements

Important notice:

  • *If the Map Version of your device is 1.00, the pre-installed SCDB data will have to be updated.
  • Service Pack 2 is compatible with both Map Versions 1.00 and 2.00.


How to get version information for Alpine INE-S900R

1. Power the unit on. Press the hard key MENU on the left side of the unit, then press Setup.

Select Navi on the left side and press Navi Info.


2.  Press the View button for Version information.


Download the instructions here: