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Map Update

Instructions for updating the map data for: INE-W611D / INE-W611DC / INE-W611DU

Please register at alpine.naviextras.com. Download the "Toolbox" from the download area before following the Map Update instructions for your Alpine navigation device

Naviextras Toolbox

Alpine.naviextras.com is the official map update portal for Alpine. Some alpine.naviextras.com site features, including buying updates, require that your Alpine navigation device is registered. Please register your Alpine navigation device and your required personal data within Naviextras Toolbox, which is a free PC-tool.

Requirements and limitations

  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • USB stick with minimum 16 GB recommended (freshly FAT32 formatted)
  • Software for unpacking ZIP files


Do not delete files / folders of the USB stick and do not add files / folders manually.

Download the instructions here: