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Map Update INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI

Please register at alpine.naviextras.com. Download the "Toolbox" from the download area before following the Map Update instructions for your Alpine navigation device.

Naviextras Toolbox

Alpine.naviextras.com is the official map update portal for Alpine.

Some alpine.naviextras.com site features, including buying updates, require that your device is registered.

Please register your INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI and your required personal data within Naviextras Toolbox, which is a free PC-tool. 


Requirements and limitations:

  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • USB stick with 8 GB recommended (INE-W970BT)
  • USB stick with 16 GB recommended (INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI)

INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT Map Update Process

1) Connect the USB stick to the navigation system.

2) Go to Main Menu → Settings → UpdatePress “Go!”.
Note: The “Go!” button will only be selectable if a USB stick is connected.


3) Synctool starts up. Press the button “Collect device information”.


4) Press “Ok”.


5) Press “Quit”.


6) Press “Yes” to quit synctool.


7) Remove the USB stick, then press “Continue”. The navigation system restarts automatically.


8) Connect the USB stick to your PC.

Go online on https://alpine.naviextras.com/shop/portal/downloads and follow the instructions on naviextras.com website how to download and install Naviextras Toolbox.
Start Naviextras Toolbox. The USB stick will be recognized as your navigation device.
Purchase and install content and updates as described within Naviextras Toolbox.


9) Safely remove the USB stick from your PC and connect it to the navigation system.
Start the synctool as described above going to Main Menu → Settings → Update pressing the “Go!” button.


10) Synctool starts up. Press the button “Copy updates to your device”.


11) Confirm with “Yes”.


12) Press “Ok”.


13) Press “Quit”.


14) Press “Yes” to quit synctool.


15) Remove the USB stick, then press “Continue”. The navigation system restarts automatically.

Service Information

The following information is quite important for the service handling if you opened an account at Naviextras.com and purchased additional updates for your INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI, in addition to the original installed software package!


The INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI creates an individual software identification number called SWID, during first boot up of the system. This software identification number will be transfered to Naviextras.com while you purchase an update for your INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI. This is made in order to guarantee Copyright protected issues. Your device and your account for this device will be recognized on your next visit at Naviextras.


Alpine Service are using PDF fomat for these forms and would firstly like to explain how these forms should be completed, for those of you that do not have acrobat installed on your computers these forms can be completed using Acobat Reader which is available as freeware, here is a link to download Acrobat Reader, Reader 9 or above will be required for these forms: (Adobe Reader X (10.1) will be needed for .pdf with embedded videos)..



Completed copies of PDF forms can not be saved on your computer for security reasons, so please complete the form and print it as a PDF, if you do not have a PDF printer installed on your computer there are many freeware PDF printers available on the net, here is a link to a well know one:


Get the SWID number on your  INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI

The SWID is important for service handling, since you will lose your SWID number if:

  • Your dealer/your service station exchanges your  INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI to another one.
  • The service replaced the Main PWB.
  • Your  INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI needs a complete re-installation of the firmware and software.

How to find SWID (PDF, 3.8 MB)

Service Form

Therefore please note your SWID and fill out the attached form if your INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI needs to return  to our service department and you have purchased additional software for this device.

Unnecessary, if your INE-W970BT / INE-W990BT / INE-W990HDMI has still original software package on it.

Service Form (PDF, 0.9 MB)

Please download the file and open in your Browser.