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Navigation Firmware Update

You can download the latest updates to your Alpine navigation device.


PMD-B200P 2.0 Software Improvements – 08.10.2009

Software Improvements


  • Improved system volume handling when changing from the Bluetooth to the Navigation Application during an active call

GPS reception

  • Bug fix for occasional loss of GPS reception Remote Control Operation
  • Bug fix for if remote control becomes inoperative while entering different waypoints


  • Improved download of phonebook if setting is ALL (PHONE + SIM), even if phone only supports download of contacts from PHONE (not from SIM)
  • Improved VCard decode speed when sending multiple entries via OPP
  • Maximise Bluetooth volume during call
  • Restored system volume when active call is terminated
  • Improved voice quality
  • Bug fix with phonebook download for Blackberry phones



  • High-speed internet connection
  • PC with SD Card Reader or SD Card Slot
  • SD Card (minimum 128 MB)

Note: SDHC Cards are not supported




Before continuing with the firmware update please make sure that the PMD-B200P unit has the 2.0 software installed. Below are two picture to clarify which software you have.

Εγκαταστήστε το λογισμικό 2.0

Picture of previous software

If you do not have the new 2.0 software then please contact the technical department on 0845 313 1660 or e-mail support[at]alpine-electronics.co.uk, as the update is not compatible with your current software.


Picture of 2.0 software

If you do have the newer 2.0 software then please continue with the firmware update.