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More bass in less space
KTA-200M_Mono-Power-Pack-Amplifier-with-PowerStack-Capability KTA-200M_Mono-Power-Pack-Amplifier-with-PowerStack-Capability-Sample_Angle iLX-W650BT_Digital-Media-Station-with_KTA-200M KTA-200M_Mono-Power-Pack-Amplifier-with-PowerStack-Capability_parts KTA-200M_Mono-Power-Pack-Amplifier-with-PowerStack-Capability-Sample_Front KTA-200M_Mono-Power-Pack-Amplifier-with-PowerStack-Capability_Straight KTA-200M_Mono-Power-Pack-Amplifier-with-PowerStack-Capability_Side Amplifier_Subwoofer-Matching-Chart_KTA-200M Amplifier_Chart_KTA-450_vs_KTA-200M

Mono Power Pack Amplifier with PowerStack Capability - Dynamic Peak Power Ratings 1 x 400W @ 4 Ohms


The KTA-200M is a very compact mono amplifier, that is mainly designed to be power-stacked with the iLX-W650BT, but can also be used stand-alone in any universal configuration.

Featuring Alpine’s Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) technology, the KTA-200M can produce 400 Watts of Alpine’s Exclusive Dynamic Peak Power for big subwoofer power in a small space.

Product information

PowerStack Capable

The KTA-200M utilizes Alpine’s compact Power Pack design to fit in hidden areas like a glove box or behind a radio to optimize power and space in your vehicle. Mounted behind the iLX-W650BT 7-inch Digital Media Receiver, the KTA-200M becomes (next to the KTA-450 4-channel amp) the newest PowerStack product, for an easy, hideaway bass solution that adds more power to the sound system while occupying the same depth as a traditional 2DIN radio.

Big Sound In A Small Package

Reliable Power Handling

Big Sound In A Small Package

Utilizing Alpine’s exclusive Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) technology, the 200 Watts KTA-200M delivers bursts of power to meet the peak demands of your music effectively rising to 400 Watts and then rolling back to maintain efficiency. The result is crisp, clean music at all volumes.

Reliable Power Handling

A voltage adapting input circuit is included to maintain the maximum source signal level without clipping. This ensures that the KTA-200M can continue to produce powerful, clean bass even at higher volumes with dynamic musical passages.

Remote Bass Knob Ready

Ready For Installation

Remote Bass Knob Ready

The KTA-200M has input capability to add an optional RUX-KNOB2 Remote Bass Control Knob (sold separately). The remote bass knob controls the bass in your subwoofer by adjusting the gain on your amplifier for quick bass adjustments right from your dash.

Ready For Installation

The KTA-200M includes a wiring harness and installation brackets to power-stack the amp to the backside of a iLX-W650BT.

Features & Specifications


  • Terminal Layout: Single-side 22-pin connector for speaker and power cables
  • Small footprint for easy installation in a 2DIN dock


  • Class-D (Digital) Amplification Circuit with Alpine’s Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) Technology
  • Channel Design: mono
  • DIP Switches
  • RCA input
  • Crossover: Adjustable Low-Pass Filter (LPF)
  • Gain Control: on-board dial and RUX-KNOB2 compatible
  • Included Power-Stack bracket and screws for back-mount to iLX-W650BT
  • Included cable harness   

RMS Power Ratings

  • Per Channel into 2 Ohms, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 1 x 200W
  • Per Channel into 4 Ohms, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 1 x 200W

DPP (Dynamic Peak Power) Power Ratings

  • Per Channel into 4 Ohms, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 1 x 400W

Sound Tuning

  • Crossover: Selectable LPF: Off/ 60Hz/ 80Hz/ 120Hz (-24dB/Oct.)


  • THD+N (@ 1W into 4 Ohms): <0.2%
  • S/N Ratio (ref: 1W into 4 Ohms): >85dB
  • Power Requirements: 14.4 V.DC (9 - 16 V allowable)
  • Weight: 0.6kg


  • Width:  89mm
  • Height: 36mm (39mm with attached universal bracket)
  • Length: 181mm (198mm with attached universal bracket)
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