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Retrofit VW sound system and get optimal sound in VW bus T6 and T6.1

  • SWC-W84CRA2


    Subwoofer with Enclosure for Volkswagen Crafter 2 / Grand California

  • SPC-106CRA2


    16,5 cm Front Speaker System for Volkswagen Crafter 2 & MAN TGE

  • SPC-106T61


    16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6.1

  • SPC-106T6


    16,5 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6

  • SPC-108T6


    20 cm Component Speaker System for Volkswagen T6

  • SPC-D84AT6


    6-Channel DSP Amplifier & Subwoofer System for Volkswagen T6.1 / T6 for original Volkswagen radios

  • SWC-D84T6


    Subwoofer with Enclosure for Volkswagen T6.1 / T6

The VW bus with a thousand possibilities – minibus, panel van or flatbed truck

The enormously successful commercial vehicles from Volkswagen with the well-known and particularly popular models VW T6 and the facelift VW T6.1 are especially popular with families and camping enthusiasts. The equipment variants are extremely diverse. Starting with the VW Bulli up to the VW California T6 & T6.1 Ocean, hardly any equipment wish remains open. When a VW "Bulli" rolled off the production line for the first time in 1950, no one probably thought of such a success story. Since then, from the T1 to the T6, well over twelve million vehicles have rolled off the production line. The long history of the VW Bus of over 70 years and the experience gained with it can be felt by everyone who owns a VW Bulli.

An optimal sound improvement for the VW Bus T6 & T6.1 – VW sound system

Our "Concert Ensemble" from Alpine offers the best sound system for the VW T6 & T6.1. These systems consist of the selected components for the VW T6 & T6.1 like the speaker systems SPC-106T61, SPC-108T6 and SPC-106T6. In addition, the subwoofer and amplifier package SPC-D84AT6-R complements the "Concert Ensemble" from Alpine perfectly. The 6-channel DSP amplifier and subwoofer system is perfectly designed for operation with an original Volkswagen T6.1 / T6 radio. The custom-fit subwoofer enclosure for the passenger seat is equipped with a 20 cm subwoofer. The digital 6-channel DSP amplifier is already optimally pre-configured if you want to retrofit with the VW T6 sound system. The 550-watt amplifier is designed exactly for the room conditions of the Volkswagen T6.1 / T6 and thus provides a sound update with even more dynamics and bass.

VW speaker: plug-and-play installation

Quite simply with plug-and-play installation, the VW sound system can be mounted in the VW T6 & T6.1. All necessary connections on the VW sound system are prepared accordingly and it is enough to simply connect the device. With minimal effort, you can connect the speaker system or subwoofer with amplifier and use it immediately. 

How can I replace the speakers in the VW bus myself?

A frequently asked question: Is it possible to replace the speakers in the VW Bus T6 & T6.1 by yourself? 

We recommend to visit an Alpine dealer for the replacement of the speakers for the VW T6 and T6.1. He can answer all your questions about installation and sound improvement in the VW Bus. For all car owners who have already gained some experience with the do-it-yourself philosophy in the past and prefer to independently install or retrofit additional parts on your VW Bus, a detailed installation manual for the VW sound system from Alpine is available. In a step-by-step guide, it is explained how to achieve a sound improvement with Alpine speakers in the VW Bus. For the implementation of the installation, you hardly need any previous knowledge and it is enough to use common tools.

VW sound system – Sound diversity with stylish design in the VW Bus T6 and T6.1

Alpine's new VW sound systems for the T6 & T6.1 offer incredible sound diversity paired with an exclusive stainless steel design for the tweeter covers in the A-pillars. For the VW Bus T6 models, you can choose from two different speaker sizes. There are classic 16.5 cm speakers for the VW T6 and VW T6.1 available or for even more bass and fun a variant with 20 cm diameter. All sound systems for the VW T6 & T6.1 are connected by a silky smooth tweeter, which is protected by a noble, fine metal grille. With the help of this equipment, the interior in the VW bus is once again refined with an appealing detail.

A common mistake when adjusting sound systems

Sound systems like Alpine's T6 VW sound system offer car owners many ways to optimize acoustics. Radically changing the sound settings is a mistake made by many drivers. In most cases, the bass is set to the maximum or the graphic equalizer is edited. Ill-considered changes of sound settings often do not lead to an improvement as intended, but worsen the sound quality. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to neglect the settings and to carefully configure the sound system for individual needs instead. If you retrofit with the VW sound system, you get an optimal sound update for your VW Bus T6 and T6.1.

A complementary product for the VW T6 is the Digital Media Station with 9-inch touchscreen. The Alpine iLX-F903T6R set offers high resolution, high-end sound quality and plenty of sound tuning options. Our diverse product lineup also includes an 8-inch installation kit designed specifically for the Volkswagen T6 and T5.

VW sound system retrofit: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which speakers are available for the VW T6?

In the models of VW such as the VW Bus T6 and T6.1, it is possible to choose from two different speaker sizes. One variant of VW speakers are the classic 16.5 cm speaker models for the VW T6 and VW T6.1, and the other variant provides with its 20 cm diameter for even more bass and fun while driving.

What does plug-and-play installation mean?

With this type of installation, it is usually enough to simply plug in the device. Manual configurations or installation of a driver are not necessary. For example, if you want to upgrade your VW sound system, it is possible to install VW speakers and subwoofer amplifier systems with minimal effort.

What is a subwoofer?

Subwoofers are monophonic speaker boxes that are optimized for reproducing low-frequency sound waves. If you want to retrofit a VW T6 subwoofer, please note that speakers specially adapted for this use should be used. For the VW sound systems Alpine has two subwoofer amplifier packages on offer. The first variant is specifically designed for original Volkswagen T6 / T6.1 radios and the second variant for Alpine or other aftermarket radios. With these special product variants, every car owner will find the right retrofit package for himself and his VW T6 or VW T 6.1.

What is the difference between VW T6 and T6.1?

The VW T6.1 is a visually updated and slightly further developed variant of the VW T6. The most noticeable modifications were made to the front end, which includes a new bumper, grille, side-mounted boosters and front headlights.

How do I choose a sound system?

If you want to purchase a speaker or sound system you should consider factors like the types of speakers, acoustics and rooms, sound quality, optimizing the system and matching with the right equipment like an amplifier. 

What are the components of a sound system?

A sound system like the VW sound system traditionally consists of 3 basic components. These include source, amplifier and speakers.

Does Volkswagen have a good sound system?

The original equipment of Volkswagen is a good starting point for a stunning sound system. An alternative are the sound systems from Alpine, which are in no way inferior to the originals. Alpine offers for example a custom-fit VW sound system for the VW T6 and VW T6.1 including speakers, amplifier and subwoofer. The "Concert Ensemble" from Alpine let you enjoy the best sound for your VW T6 or T6.1. 

What sound system does VW use?

With its original equipment, VW offers an ideal basis for a good sound system or a sound system update. Alpine has the optimal additions and alternatives to improve the sound system in your VW T6 or T6.1.